Er-x vs Brume MV1000 SQM performance

I’ve been comparing SQM Cake shaping performance on Edgerouter x (I get about 195 Mbps max) vs a GL.inet Brume Mv1000 (get only around 205 Mbps max shaping) for my 500 Mbps service. Shouldn’t the Brume be capable of more performance considering it’s cpu is a lot more powerful? The brume is running 21.02.0 rc3, er-x is on 19.07.7 if it makes any difference.

What does the CPU load say, when you do?

Idle is pegged at 50%, it seems to only be using one core. I installed and enabled irqbalance with no change

It's running at 1Ghz and from what I can remember shaping is single threaded. I would however imagine that if you use -O2 instead of -Os globally, and enable you'd see at least a bit of a performance increase on the Brume.

how does it do with software flow offloading?

No problem whatsoever, maxes out my connection. Would like to keep benefits of SQM though for gaming while other members of the household stream video

SQM works with software flow offloading so try that

I get same speeds with software flow offloading enabled or disabled while sqm is enabled as well.

You tried bumping the SQM set speed up and turning on software offloading, but the speed didn't increase (or the latency went out of control at that speed)? Am I understanding that right?

Exactly, turned on software offloading and raised sqm download to 400Mbps and still only get around 200 on speed tests. Seems like sqm “overrides” software offloading for lack of better words

SQM uses more cycles than routing so software flow offload should get you a bit more but won't double your speeds.

With software flow offloading on a wrt3200acm on a fiber connection 200D and 100U, it will not be a improvement?

Are you able to SQM the full 200/100 Mbps connection without SFO? If so, then SFO will only potentially free up some CPU time for other stuff, but if there's no other stuff to do... it won't help. If on the other hand you aren't quite able to handle the 200/100 then SFO might make it work. I'd expect a 3200acm to be able to handle 200/100 without SFO

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