EOL/End of support dates for old versions of OpenWrt?

Looking at the version history page, I was thinking it could be useful to have an EOL date listed in the table for each version. Is there any reason not to include it on this version history page? AFAICT, you currently have to look for the EOL for old versions in the release notes of newer (but still old) versions...

I see, for example, 15.05 EOL'd with the release of 18.06.0.

With the release of OpenWrt 18.06, the old OpenWrt 15.05 release is marked end of life and will not get any support any more, not even for severe security problems. LEDE 17.01 will still get some security support for a limited time. We encourage everyone to upgrade to OpenWrt 18.06 to get the best support.

Would it be a matter of combing through these release announcements or the devel list to find this info? Or is there a better location to find the list of EOL dates?

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If you scroll down then status is in the version details.

Status != EOL/EOSdate

18.06 does say:

OpenWrt 18.06 has been declared End-of-Support in December 2020 and is no longer maintained or actively supported.

but everything earlier does not have a date. For example:

LEDE 17.01 is no longer maintained or actively supported.

I don't see any reason not to include EoL dates there.

BTW: wikidata is currently missing EoL dates too, but has a dedicated field for this:

-> with every new release, and with every EoL, wikidata should be updated accordingly.