Entwate repository on OpenWRT

Hi, is it possible to add ability to install Entware packages on OpenWRT? I need qBittorrent in OpenWRT. And Entware repo has it, OpenWRT repo - hasn't.

Isn't transmission good enough?

Transmission downloads much slower, with fewer connections etc. Qbittorrent on PC is much more reliable.

While I'm not an expert on p2p questions (far from it), are you sure that this is the fault of transmission - and not the hardware you're running it on?
I might be wrong, but p2p clients are said to be quite demanding in terms of CPU, RAM and disk I/O performance, obviously x86_64 will have an edge over the more classic OpenWrt targets (aka plastic routers) here.

What @slh said, transmission can max out my 1/1gbit connection, so the issue is probably elsewhere.

Apples and bananas?

Maybe qbittorrent will be even worse, than transmission, I don't know. I can't compare transmission and qbittorrent, because can't install qbittorrent. I tried to build qbittorrent from source. But it doesn't work, dunno why. Maybe because I'm still running snapshot and there is incompatibility somewhere.
I have BPI-R3 router. I think, it has pretty good hardware for torrent handling.

On the PC you can.

There's more to it than the CPU...

Just a small fyi - entware packages use openwrt and some other packages unavailable there like the qbittorrent you mentioned.
As for this ones there are results poping on google like https://github.com/KryptonLee/qBittorrent-openwrt-package