Enterprise 1Gbps router in 2022


I'm looking for a recommendation for a good high-performance router for my 1Gbps enterprise wired network. I do not need wlan capabilities.

My price range is around 450 - 550 $, and I'd prefer something which is easily sourced, and if possible european, or american.

What do you recommend?


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there are suggestions in List of X86 boxes to run OpenWrt and some more in Tips for getting cheap used x86-based firewall with full Gbit NAT (a PC Engines APU) if you are in the US

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I'm looking for enterprise grade hardware, that can manage a couple of wireguard links over which a lot of the traffic will pass. I think I'm looking for an arm or x86 CPU.

for 1gbit, yes, you are ...

if it's going to sit in a DC, pretty much any 1U rack server, fitting the budget, will get the job done.
if you want something smaller, check out This topic is now deleted

Yeah. I was thinking of just going with a 1U rack server with a (couple of?) 4-interface NICs. But I wanted to know if there is recommended router hardware that is better.

not really,

openwrt boots off a usb flash drive (if you want), the rest is up to you.
an old Atom E38xx (from Q3 2013), can route 1 gbit at 13% CPU load,
you could (in theory) route 8x 1gbit using that old Atom.

wireguard obviously requires more CPU power, but I could imagine what ever
1U server you get, it should be good enough (without knowing your wireguard

Ok. Thanks!