EnGenius ENS202EXT 1.0.0 hardware data

Hi, tmomas,

Can you please tell me why you undid my last two edits at https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/engenius/engenius_ens202ext_1.0.0 ? I had fixed the Firmware OEM Stock URL to be a valid URL, and I had fixed the FCCID link to point to the single correct product, instead of to the FCC search page that shows two products, only one of which is correct. You undid those edits. Now the Firmware OEM Stock URL is invalid (404 error), and the FCCID link takes you to a page that shows the incorrect product along with the correct product.

And now I cannot edit the page. Did you lock the page or block me? I'm doing my best here to bring correct and up-to-date information to the page, and you are undoing my efforts without explanation.

I tried to message you and the moderators directly, but the forum said I didn't have permission.


There is a big fat warning right at the beginning of the dataentry:

*                 >>>>>>>> ! <<<<<<<<
* -------- >>>>>>>>  W A R N I N G  <<<<<<<<--------
*                 >>>>>>>> ! <<<<<<<<
*   If you can read this, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.
*   To edit this page in the only right way, do this:
*   1) Click "Cancel", then
*   2) Edit this page ONLY via the lower LEFT edit button.
*   In case you disobey to the above: You break it, you pay it.
*   Thank you for respecting the rules of this wiki.
*   --- Your wiki administration

If you chose to ignore this (which you did), you will be blocked from editing dataentries, in order to avoid further damage.

This block can be lifted, once you have understood that this warning is not just for fun.


There is no need to be insulting. I understand the warning and I did not ignore it. I made my first two edits correctly, but I clicked the wrong edit button on the third edit, and skipped right over the top of the page as I searched for the field I was editing, and thus never saw the warning during that edit. I apologize for that. It's an easy mistake for anyone to make, and reverting the change with no comment about what the problem was will do no good to help anyone understand and learn. You reverted more than you had to and left the page in a state with a broken firmware link and an ambiguous FCCID link. I'll be happy to fix those if you want to lift the block, or someone else can take care of them.

I humbly suggest that your system is quite fragile if the page can be broken just by clicking on the wrong edit button. That would really be worth fixing.


Apologies accepted and block lifted. You can now edit dataentries again.