Enabling WED on RT3200

I am following this official guide for installing openwrt on RT3200. In the step "Enable WED", it states that I need to

  1. Edit /etc/modules.conf and append this line: options mt7915e wed_enable=Y

However, this file does not exist on my openwrt so I tried to create the file and add the line, but after reboot and checking with cat /sys/module/mt7915e/parameters/wed_enable I get N

Am I doing something wrong here and why does /etc/modules.conf not exist on my installation?

Are you on one of the 22.03 builds? If so I think wed is only available on the snapshot (developer) builds.

edit - never mind, I see from the guide it is now in the 22.03 builds, you might get a better response in the dedicated thread for the rt3200.

I am very interested in continuing this more focused thread given the size and wide breadth of the "dedicated thread" as linked above. I wonder if @Daniel, @hnyman, and @nbd might be willing to engage here.

As a long-time user of multiple RT3200's in dumb-AP mode (all ethernet back to a central switch), I happened upon this [new to me] information in the E8450/RT3200 Wiki: https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/e8450#wireless_ethernet_dispatch_wed_hw_acceleration_for_wireless_clients

I jumped onto enabling it immediately as I run snapshot builds on these APs. It's quite impressive the impact of this offloading in the TX direction. However, I have questions around how this offloading relates to things like AQL. Do they coexist nicely?

Short answer: classification of flows will still work, as the first packet is still taking the path through Linux software. But after the flow is established, Linux (and hence its packet scheduler and QoS measures you may have setup using that) will be bypassed entirely. Yet this should not ruin QoS as MediaTek's PPE (which is carrying out WED offloading, among other things) also has some proprietary QoS mechanisms.


Makes sense--thank you! I appreciate you for taking time to enlighten us around this question :slightly_smiling_face: