Enabling WED on RT3200

I am following this official guide for installing openwrt on RT3200. In the step "Enable WED", it states that I need to

  1. Edit /etc/modules.conf and append this line: options mt7915e wed_enable=Y

However, this file does not exist on my openwrt so I tried to create the file and add the line, but after reboot and checking with cat /sys/module/mt7915e/parameters/wed_enable I get N

Am I doing something wrong here and why does /etc/modules.conf not exist on my installation?

Are you on one of the 22.03 builds? If so I think wed is only available on the snapshot (developer) builds.

edit - never mind, I see from the guide it is now in the 22.03 builds, you might get a better response in the dedicated thread for the rt3200.