Enabling vlans breaking network

hello I need help

I am trying to setup this

I am trying to segment my network

vlan 4 and vlan 2 need to have SSIDs

the problem is whenever I go to my openwrt router's switch config and try to add a vlan my connected laptop suddenly says "connected no internet"

am I doing something wrong here?

this is the default config that works

as soon as I add a vlan it stops working:

and if I delete vlan 10 and switch lan4 back to untagged on vlan 1 it goes back to working

Hmm, it could well be something similar my 4040: try using a VLAN number other than 1 or 2.

I think that your switch (or switch driver) isn't support both tagged and untagged frames at the same port (cpu port in your case).

big numbers don't seem to work

Big numbers wont work on some devices without advanced configs...some switch drivers only go up to 128.

And your VLAN config where CPU is untagged is wrong.

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Vlan numbers don't matter. Any configuration where cpu port is tagged and untagged at the same time will break connection.

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There is such a thing as "too great" :stuck_out_tongue:
Fix the tag / untag on cpu and try those (lower) numbers.

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10x with tagged on both doesn't work

x0 numbers with both tagged dont work either

and yes my LAN is using eth0.20 as its device

its more broken than just I dont have internet

opkg doesn't work with the second vlan there

but if I delete the second vlan everything starts working again

Let's go step by step.

  1. In your original config you must not only change switch to vlan 1 cpu port tagged, but main network interfaces change in lan interface to physical interface eth0.1 too.
  2. If all work than you can add another vlans.

this works

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