Enabling SSH on Xiaomi Router 3G stock firmware

Today I received my Xiaomi Router 3G. Unfortunately I have some problems obtaining SSH access on the stock firmware to install OpenWrt. The Wiki page seems to be a bit misleading here: https://openwrt.org/toh/xiaomi/mir3g

It says to either install the dev firmware to obtain access or to follow the steps described by a forum post: Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G. So silly me thought that installing the dev firmware would be enough. But it turns out that is not the case.

Also I unfortunately mixed up descriptions for the R3 model using code injection by accessing certain urls on the router, (https://openwrt.org/toh/xiaomi/mir3#to_get_sshdropbear_access) but that is another story. Turns out it probably don't work for the R3G model.

So what I'd like to know is: Is the described procedure from the forum post (Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G) still the easiest way to obtain SSH access? If so, the Wiki should be updated to reflect that instead of listing it as an "Alternative". I can do that, but just wanted to check, whether there is an easier way.

The easiest way to flash your R3G V1 is by soldering a serial pin header, interrupt the bootloader in your attached serial console, boot a openwrt initram image through tftp and flash a openwrt sysupgrade image with the sysupgrade command from your temporary running openwrt.

I don't want to do soldering or other hardware specific things. I was searching for the easiest way to enable SSH.

I’ve done this multiple times - soldering isn’t the easiest way at all.

Go to miwifi.com and get the dev firmware for your device. Flash it on the router using the web interface. Using the Mi Wifi app (on your phone, or on you computer using the mi wifi software available on the same site as above) register the router with a Mi account. Once that’s done, go to the Mi Wifi site http://d.miwifi.com/rom/ssh where it will give you your SSH password and a file download. Put the file on a USB stick formatted as FAT or FAT32 and plug it into your router. Reboot whilst holding the reset button for a while, after some flashing lights you’ll have SSH access and you’re ready to go.

All steps are necessary but once it’s done it’s done. After this - Follow the steps in the device page on OpenWrt to get that flashed, relatively simple just step by step guide to follow.


Thanks! So basically following the forum post, I linked? I did that in the meantime. Had some problems setting it up in the app (was told that was not a Mi Router) and used an older app version from apkmirror.com now. After that I retrieved the miwifi_ssh.bin file and copied it to a USB stick. Unfortunately I am now stuck enabling SSH. Do I have to hold down reset for a long time until I see flashing lights?

Also I read on a post on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Xiaomi/comments/abkqyu/mi_3g_router_openwrt_instructions_r3g_the_one/) he had to enable USB 3.0. I used a USB 3.0 stick, so I thought that might help. Turns out it doesn't.

Can you or @clel add this information to the Wiki, please?

I am planning to do so after successfully setting my device up.

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are you sure it’s formatted correctly?

I think I had to do something with the USB 3.0 I’m not sure whether it was enable or disable. Do you by any chance have a 2.0 USB around to try?

Procedure should be to have the USB plugged in, device not powered. Hold reset button, power on, wait for orange flashing light release and wait several minutes for boot.

To answer that myself: Apparently yes. It was at least 15 seconds after plugging the power supply in, I think.

I can confirm I successfully enabled SSH on my device now.

@TTTJJJ Just one thing: I used the linked dev firmware from the Wiki. I assume that it has some problems with the current Mi Wi-Fi app, do you think the same? Is there a more current dev firmware out there that might work as well?

It works fine for me on the current Mi WiFi app, no problems linking new devices. Was it perhaps just because your Router didn’t have internet access at the time or similar?

All your latest Mi WiFi dev firmwares are available here as suggested


Mh, don't think so, but might be the cause. I had a LAN cable plugged in all the time in the routers WAN port.

So you also use the http://bigota.miwifi.com/xiaoqiang/rom/r3g/miwifi_r3g_firmware_c2175_2.25.122.bin firmware version? When connected to the router I cannot access

will check later, though.

You may he right, there’s something up. It was only about a month ago I’ve done it without issue but they’ve removed the dev firmware from the site for some reason. Maybe they know about it and have removed it for now.

So which firmware did you use? The 2.25.122 version or some more current one? I assume there are more current versions out there and I thought it might be good to update that on the Wiki page.

While reading all that stuff i think soldering a serial header is much simpler...


I guess it depends. I can completely understand that you prefer the UART method.

I prefer in general methods that are as least invasive as possible.

And with proper documentation that is also not really that complicated. Plus a benefit if there is no programmer and soldering iron laying around.

I updated the device Wiki page now to also contain the complete manual to enable SSH. Someone might want to add a more current working dev firmware or the place where to get them. For now the complete and working process should be documented on one page.

I used updated version 2.25.124 and it worked fine,best to get ssh file from your router settings interface ,use google translate add on to see it in English

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