Enabling onboard bluetooth on raspberry pi 4

Is there instruction on how to enable the onboard bluetooth (not usb dongle) on raspberry pi 4? I've tried compiling kmod-bluetooth, kmod-bluetooth_6lowpan, bluez-utils, bluez-libs, dbus, and bluetoothd in kernel install but when I try hciconfig it didn't show any devices.

cat /boot/*.txt | grep bt

here's the output :


I try to comment dtoverlay=disable-bt on last line only that looks like this (in /boot/distroconfig.txt) :


reboot and hciconfig still shows no device.

the raspbian / pi forum / online guides are your first ( and second and third ) call for most things dtbo/gpio related.

as an enthusiast device... it's a given that anything that has to be done not-out-of-the-box involves some level of research and understanding on your part. maybe over time... some info will trickle in here... but with the several models... this likely adds as much confusion as it does resolution.

demonstrate you've got it running under raspbian and compare the results of lsmod ( opkg list ) on both systems.

share your references, reasoning and results here and perhaps anything openwrt specific will stand out ( kmods / userspace )

hey @Ark did you make any progress with this?

I compiled everything with bluetooth support too, even moved over stuff from a debian/ubuntu pi to /lib/firmware without any luck.

^ this worked with an Ubuntu Pi, but not with an OpenWRT one.


nope, sorry... I haven't tested it again on my pi since I've moved the OpenWRT to x86 VM.

I have the same problem. I do not get bluetooth working on my pi4.
hciconfig -a shows nothing.

I already installed:
bluez-daemon, bluez-libs, bluez-utils, bluez-utils-extra, kmod-bluetooth

Any advice?

Does anybody have any advice?

It seems to me that what contributes to bluetooth not working by default is that kmod-bluetooth is built with CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_BCM=n which will prevent the bluetooth module from working. A local rebuild of kmod-bluetooth however did not allow me (yet) to get a fully functional bluetooth module but I would like to.