Enable USB Host on EnGenius ESR-6650 (unable to initialize libusb: -99)

I tried several version of OpenWRT but none power up the usb port.. I build from Sources also.
In the original firmware, when I plug in a USB device, its light turns on. But in OpenWrt nothing happens

It looks like his usb works in OTG mode
I would like to use Ext_Root on it

Ralink RT3052
Ref: https://openwrt.org/toh/engenius/esr-6650

root@OpenWrt:/# lsmod | grep usb

nls_base                4736  1 usbcore
scsi_mod               80976  2 usb_storage,sd_mod
usb_common              2208  2 dwc2,usbcore
usb_storage            37296  0 
usbcore               117104  2 usb_storage,dwc2

i got this error:
root@(none):/# lsusb
unable to initialize libusb: -99

dwc2 driver was broken in latest releases.
See this topic for details.

A tried old releases, like 14.07... not work
lsusbm get error: (unable to initialize libusb: -99)

Maybe something related to this ??