Enable Https for Luci


I want to enable HTPS for Luci but I have some concerns about slow connection. Would you recommed this? If yes, how can I enable it via SSH or Luci?

on the LAN side, performance shouldn't really be an issue ....

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Ok. Let's go step by step. I'm new at this stuff. So I use Windows CMD for SSH connection.

SSH root@

root@OpenWrt:~# (which commands do I need to enable it and disable it)


have you read the link provided ?

Yes but quite confusing for me :frowning: Sorry.

hardly, since the whole 2nd chapter is about what you want to do, and ends with a how to do it.

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Applied these codes, rebooted. "your connection is not private"

uci set uhttpd.main.redirect_https=1
uci commit uhttpd
service uhttpd reload

did you read the explanation / information provided by the browser ?

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This is error message.

no, that's the error code ...

read the text attached to the error.

( https://kinsta.com/knowledgebase/neterr-cert-authority-invalid/ )

sorry, not doing the leg work for you.

To be fair, the description/information Chrome provides is really not helpful and slightly panicky (as is probably appropriate when it comes to public websites), it only talks about misconfigurations or attackers trying to steal your information. Neither of which is the case here.

@zrox: The reason is that the SSL certificate is not issued by any authority your browser recognizes. It can't be, the certificate has been made locally on the router. Basically you need to confirm "it's okay, I do know it is not an official certificate, I will accept this 'invalid' certificate." ... once.


indeed, but it's all there, including the check box ...

it's not like there's a secret handshake or special code you need to know to actually do it,
plain reading will get you pretty far :expressionless:

Please help me out this. @takimata

I may disagree with @frollic's particular choice of words, but I have to agree with their sentiment: You got all the information now. At some point you will have to read and understand the information you are given. We really can't do that for you, sorry.


It's okay to be frustrated once in a while. Calm down. We are all people here.

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Okay. If you wanna help me I'm here and listening.

Now what did you learn from that? Do you know what you are actually confirming?


I know this but I don't want this warnings to show up.

Just click as the diagram shows.
By doing this , the browser you are currently using will remember your decision and not give any more warnings.

Basically you are confirming that you trust the site you are visiting