Enable Ethernet-only devices to send files to local server via Wi-Fi


I'm exploring options to enable Ethernet-only devices to transfer files locally via Wi-Fi to a server connected to the main router.

Here are the specifics: I've developed a Python application intended to receive files and upload them to the cloud. This application resides on a laptop connected to the ISP router and listens for files on The laptop has a local static IP address ( configured through the ISP router. I have devices that only have Ethernet connectivity and need to send files to the Python app occasionally (speed isn't a primary concern).

When I connect a device to the ISP router via Ethernet and send files to, everything functions flawlessly.

Now, I'm looking to add Wi-Fi capability to these devices. After some research, it seems I need a router with wireless bridge mode. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

However, I'm unsure which of the following (budget) routers support wireless bridge mode or can be enabled with it:

  • Mi Router 4C
  • Mi Router 4A
  • Tenda AC5 V3.0
  • Tenda D301
  • EDIMAX BR-6428nS

Could any of these routers help me resolve my issue?

Additionally, if the problem can be solved with a bridge, will the IP address of the device in the network be assigned by the ISP router?

Thank you for your assistance!


if the connection's always initiated from the ethernet-only device, the server and client doesn't need sit on the same subnet.

pretty much anything with a radio running openwrt, can act as a wireless client.

Thank you for your response. What to do in case I need bidirectional communication between the server and the client?

Hi. I used a Mi Router 4C as a wifi repeater and it worked fine.