Editing config files from android

Is there anyway to edit config files from android instead of WinScp?

any ssh client available on Android, it'll be a PITA though, w/o an external keyboard, at least in vi/vim.


I just login and edit using this:

Works for me (and I have pretty big hands, :rofl: ). CTRL, ESC, Tab, left, right, up, down and HOME are added to the keyboard too. :wink:

It also can use SSH keys.

You can also setup SSH ports/tunnel.

I use connectbot too, never figured out to do some of the really basic stuff, but if you say it works well, I have to assume the problem's with me, and not the app :wink:

I use Admin Hand. Probably similar to ConnectBot.
Very useful. Supports sftp for file transfers as well.
If you get used to using uci for config file changes it all becomes simple with no need for vi or whatever.

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(Just to be sure the OP knows the difference)

Technically, the files are the base of the UCI. The "UCI Command-Line Utility" uci is another layer-of-abstraction/API/etc. But I understood your point about the "UCI Command-Line Utility" being simplest method to use on a small-screened SSH client running on Android.

"UCI configuration file" is the term used in the Wiki for editing files.