Edit Mikrotik metarouter patch

Hi, sorry for my bad english
I want to edit a patch for Mikrotik Metarouter.
because i need to build latest openwrt for mikrotik metarouter,
for ( mips ) .

i download official mikrotik patch -> openwrt-metarouter-1.2.patch

and edit patch file !

i remove all index for mr-ppc becuse i not use this

and change all linux version of to 4.14.180

and run "patch -p0 <custom.patch

after make and boot, i get error from console with this content :

[Ctrl-A is the prefix key]

ln: /rw/run/netns: No such file or directory
/etc/rc.d/run.d/S01init: 11: cannot create /var/run/netns/main: Directory nonexistent
System halted.

please read this topic :