EdgeRouter X: no "switch" tab on luci


I recently flashed the newest OpenWRT on EdgeRouter X. Now, I started to configure, then realized that there is no "switch" on Network-Menu on Luci. I tried to paste

config switch
	option name 'switch0'
	option reset '1'
	option enable_vlan '1'

config switch_vlan
	option device 'switch0'
	option vlan '1'
	option vid '1'
	option ports '0t 1'

to /etc/config/network to see if something shows up, but nothing happened;; I'm wondering if I'm supposed to learn DSA a lot and do like this:

but I am afraid if I get into something like this, I wont be able to change config quickly as needed in future. Is there any package so that "switch" will show up on a tab, or is it planned in the near future? My fritzbox4020, also with DSA, came with a normal switch page, so I don't see why it shouldn't be there for EdgeRouterX....

If I just create interfaces and vlans using eth0.xx, is it going to be all tagged to eth0, thus making ERX into a kind of Raspberry pi?

I would appreciate your hints!

Yes, the er-x is a dsa device.

Here is some info about the openwrt implementation:

Also, search the forum for dsa and/or er-x for examples.

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Thank you for your reply! I was stupid to have thought that I already knew DSA: my Fritzbox4020 has DSA (21.03), but it still does have "switch" menu, so it's not a genuine DSA router. Now I watched onemarcfifty's video again https://youtu.be/qeuZqRqH-ug he's great, I think I'm good to go:)

The AVM Fritz!Box 4020 does not use DSA yet at all - and won't anytime soon[0], it's still fully swconfig based (like 'all'[1] other devices of the ath79 target it belongs to).

The ipq40xx based AVM Fritz!Box 4040 would be DSA based on post-22.03 OpenWrt master.

[0] there is https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/4622 pending, but it's not currently pursued (qca8k being slower than AR8216/ swconfig andthe target being so large and diverse, making this a monumental effort.
[1] yes, I know f the tl-wr941nd v2/3 and MV88E6060, which -as a 4/32 device- isn't supported anymore.

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Hello! where can i find list of dsa supported devices?

In the wiki.


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