EdgeRouter X hardware sensors

Hi all! A few days ago I installed OpenWrt-21.02.3 on my old Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X router. No major hurdles there, the biggest task was building a small enough factory.tar image on my Arch Linux system.

As I have a habit of watching over my servers and other devices via Gkrellm, of course I installed gkrellmd and lm_sensors on the EdgeRouter, too. But sensors-detect only complains: "No i2c device files found"... which is understandable because no i2c-related kernel modules are installed by default.

Now for the actual questions: How do I figure out what, if any, sensors the MT7621 chip (or other chips) have, and what additional packages should I install to make sensors-detect to detect/use them? Has anyone else tried using lm_sensors on Edgerouter X? Or should I just install all i2c-related packages and try to figure out what works? And what about possible other hardware sensors-related packages?

There aren't any sensors. The MT7621 chip doesn't have a temperature sensor nor does any of the other hardware of the Edgerouter-X.

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Ok. Thanks for the info.

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