Easy way to upgrade; opkg extras guide

Hi there,
I want to upgrade from 19.07.3 to 19.07.10 keeping my config and user installed packages.
So far I used LUCI first to save my config then a small script to list and after reinstall with SSH but now there is a better script (I hope), opkg-extras.
However, I can't find a user guide with the process to follow. The page opkg extras is not very clear for me; See here
Can someone provide a link or help me to list the commands before and after upgrade.

why not using auc?

Why? Because I don't know what is auc. Sorry about my ignorance.
At the bottom of the opkg extras page I can see

Attended sysUpgrade: luci-app-attended-sysupgrades or auc

But I can't find any user guide.
Could you provide a link or tell me what and how to use?

No Problem.

auc = Attended sysUpgrade CLI

and there is also a luci app.

Attended Sysupgrade is a server where you can generate openwrt images with all your needed (allready installed) packages and easily upgrade to a newer release (and also keep your config).

There are a lot of examples in the docs. A lot of discussion in the forum.

Online ImageBuilder and Upgrade Server

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