Easiest/fastest way to get an OpenWrt Router: Gl.iNet

Well there is my public repo currently on GitHub. But be warned it's a mess and flags like a noob at Christmas

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It is, openwrt installation is a PITA though, read the device specific wiki page.

I'm not sure what PITA stands for but that does look like a mission to install :sweat_smile:

It takes a little while, since it has to be done in two steps, and you need to make sure the fw_setenv commands are correct, or you'll end up doing s serial recovery.

Which in itself can be a even bigger PITA, if you let the device update itself over internet, since it'll disable serial console output.
Input still works, but you'll have to perform the steps blind.

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Thank you for your work on the devices, I have now decided to buy an AXT1800 :+1:

Your call, I still don't understand what people see in those devices, except for size.

For a non-technical operator, especially one who travels a lot, they can be quite attractive. Small size/weight, the ability to receive power via USB (as in, from a computer), the ability to tether to a smart phone as an external modem, the pre-configured feature aimed at dealing with hotels charging for Wi-Fi access per device, etc.

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