EAP615-Wall, do you know what chipset it is?

Hi, i found this AP, looks very nice, considering it has AX and additionally 3 ports. It can actually act as a router. Of course considering openwrt would be possible. Do you know by a chance what chipset is inside to determine possibility of future openwrt development for this device?

MT7621 + MT7905 + MT7975

See https://fccid.io/2AXJ4EAP615WALL/Internal-Photos/18-Internal-Photos-5398024


Porting efforts are already underway afaik. Check this git tree:


I have a few of its 802.11ac sibling, the EAP235-Wall. They've been serving me well. If you don't mind the gigabit Ethernet (at this point might be not as much of a bottleneck for the AX capabilities the EAP615-Wall has) it's a very nice upgrade.


I was actually thinking about setting it as a router, but maybe it is not worth it. Anyway thank you a lot for links, they are extremely helpfull.

It's a plain MT7621 platform SoC wise, so there's little difference with a plain router (other than the form factor). It's a wall mount though, not sure you'd want it up on your wall with three wires running into it permanently.

These are intended for hotels and offices so with a single cable in the wall you or a guest can plug in three wired devices and also have wifi. Though of course that could be done with a desktop router, in commercial settings the desktop router is more likely to get unplugged, dropped, misplaced, and/or stolen than something secured to the wall.

OEM bootlog
OpenWrt bootlog

The OpenWrt boot log is an old one. I currently don't have a serial console attached to make a new one.

Since ~9 days the AP part of my home network consists of 2 EAP615-Wall. I'm extremely happy with them. These things handle 802.11ax on 2.4 and 5GHz, as opposed to the Ubiquiti crap that is out there. And while the 128MB RAM will limit the maximum client count, ath11k currently requires 512MB RAM to work at all.

With this, all my QCA hardware has been retired to where it belongs: the trash can.

Finally I'd like to thank @svanheule for his work on the EAP235-Wall, which made adding support for the EAP615-Wall very easy, and for assisting me with other parts.


Someone's seen the light :sunglasses: :+1:

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Been planning this for a while, glad I finally did.

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Thanks for the work on this. Happily using snapshot + Luci on my EAP615 in a very RF noisy environment. Installed using the SSH + web GUI method.

Front LED control doesn't work, and I've seen a git commit where someone tracked down how an ASUS LED control worked, so I am trying a similar approach.

Here is to hoping for more Mediatek WiFi 6/6E platforms. Also thanks to FF for all of his continuing work on the MTK drivers.

Since the initial question has been answered, and snapshot support is available, I'm closing this topic now. Please open new topics for any remaining questions.