EA9500 CFE.bin wanted

I've been using lede on the EA9500 for quite a while. A couple months ago, for some mysterious reason, the router quit working in the middle of the night. Can't switch firmwares anymore. Also, the CFE serial connection doesn't work anymore. I'm hoping the CFE got corrupted or something. Anyways, anybody have the CFE bin file for this router?


I've uploaded CFE on ddwrt site. If you want to get it from there.

Thanks! Found it.

Hope you get it working. Can you share the results?

How are you flashing to a board if CFE doesn't load? Ive got a similar problem. Serial console is connected and the only output I get is "Digital core power voltage set to 1.05V". Ive checked and the serial cable is fine, as a matter of fact everything was working fine until I accidentally flashed the wrong firmware and upon reboot the router only spits out the above mentioned line. I have another router same make and model as this one is used for Development and the other in Production.

Hi, I can't find it. do you have the link? please