EA8500 no DSA?

Just flashed 21.02.5 and 22.03.3 to EA8500 and seems like this device is still on swconfig?

A bit confused since my older devices like e4200/ea4500 wrt1900ac etc.. are all on dsa
since 21.xx

Is there any reason this devices has not migrated to DSA yet?


ipq806x hasn't switched to qca8k/ dsa, yet. While functionally ready, qca8k comes with a performance penalty.


What kind of "performance penalty" ?


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Quoting nickname pkgadd from the previous link:

This sounds to me like a different config needed in OpenWrt, ie. from "bridge-VLAN-filtering" to DSA slave interface per VLAN.

If I understand this somewhat right, is the problem specific to OpenWrt that there aren't yet tooling to make that happen? Or have I understood this badly wrong.

In past I have configured a OpenWrt system or two to work without its default setup to bridge all interfaces except wan. In these devices, one was multiport x86 geos, getting rid of the default bridge setup improved the system performance significantly. My remarks were that cpu was totally overloaded by handling physical interface irqs while in default bridge setup and loading the system to its max. The system performance fell far away from what it was reported to perform (wirespeed in duplex 100M) and the nominal per interface capacity.

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