EA8300 with IPv6 Tunnel breaks OPKG

Hi all,

I switched to a Linksys EA8300 recently and set it up to perform the same functions that I was using on a Linksys WRT1900AC v1.

However, OPKG will not work while an IPv6 tunnel is active, either in Luci or in an SSH session. The only way to get OPKG to work again is to stop the WAN6 interface, and then remove the opkg.lock file located at /var/lock/opkg.lock (in an SSH session of course).

Then I can run opkg update and other opkg commands as usual.

Does anyone know of a fix so I don't have to disable IPv6 to update?

Is the tunnel from Hurricane Electric?
Does it work apart from opkg?
Can you do a ping -6 -c 4 ipv6.google.com ?

It could be a problem with the IPv6 address on the WAN6 interface. That address is used only by the router itself, and not for forwarded traffic.

The tunnel is from HE. I must have done something incorrect on this particular router - can't ping and according to https://ipv6-test.com/ I don't have IPv6 connectivity. I'll have to delve into the settings and see what I got wrong. Ping didn't work, though it did on the other router.

If you don't have basic ipv6 connectivity you can't expect opkg to work with it.
Disable the interface and don't bring it up on boot until you fix the ipv6 issue and you'll be fine with ipv4 only.

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Problem is solved - and the error was user error (me), OpenWRT is functioning fine. :blush:

My IPv4 address needed updating, and also very important, I put the wrong password for the HE.net tunnel in the settings. Please fogive my errors committed in hastiness.

Thanks all!

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