EA6200 all led port off

i have a problem with my ea6200

previosly i got bricking with all LED flash and LAN not detected, i use this method and work

Same problem here, hard power off caused the WRT160N v3 (v24-sp2 mini) to appear bricked: The 4 LAN port lights stayed on as well as the power light, and the router heated up quicky. 30-30-30 didn't do anything.

But 'pulsing' the reset button shortly after plugging the power back in did work as per your suggestion. So what worked for me:

  1. 4 LAN lights and power light continuously on, router heating up
  2. Unplug power
  3. Hold reset button
  4. Plug power back in
  5. Wait 0.5-2 seconds, release reset button
  6. Push reset button randomly every so often, maybe repeat from step 1.
  7. Working!

after that, i got blinked green all led but LAN dectected for few second. so... i try to debrick with TTL serial and my stupid i connect all serial cable and got all my LED off and my LAN can't detect again... anyone can help me? :frowning:

Can you clearly identify your OpenWrt device's make and model?

even this tutorial for WRT160 but works on my ea6200 too

If the procedure works, can you more clearly explain how your router got bricked?

works but must reflash because my router can ping, but led blinking. so.. i try reflash with ttl (by ddwrt forum tutorial) ,i mistake plug all serial including gnd not read other tutorial like here. after that my led router off and my router can't ping again.

Are you saying that you burnt your board by connecting the Positive wire to the serial port?

idk... im noob in here. i just doing by reading tutorial. i plug gnd and my router brick