E8450/RT3200 as a dual-wan IPSEC client?

Hi. One of my customers is going to need a router for the following proposed setup:

  • Two WAN links to two different fiber ISPs (with both ISP routers in bridge mode)
  • Mwan3 for fail-over
  • An IKEv2-based VPN (with a static public IP) that will go through either one or the other ISP depending on what's up and what's down. The VPN provider uses aes128-sha1 for ESP, and I have successfully tested on the laptop that strongswan can work with that VPN provider. Unfortunately wireguard is not offered by them.
  • Everything from the LAN should go through the VPN
  • At least 50 Mbps of VPN throughput is required
  • SQM would also be required

Is this viable on E8450/RT3200? That is, are there any switch issues that preclude the use of a dual-WAN setup? Is the performance going to be enough?