Dynamic DNS is "Not Running" upon power on or reboot

Why is Dynamic DNS is "Not Running" upon power on or reboot? I have the "DDNS Autostart enabled" in Luci but the DDNS service is always in the "Not Running" state until I hit the "Reload" button. Is it by design to work this way or is there something I miss to configure? Thanks.

Please provide /etc/config/ddns - be sure to redact password and other personal info (e.g. the domain name).

Race condition?

Restart the service in rc.local, during boot.

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Yes there does seem to be something broken.

  • service reports ddns is stopped even though ddns start has been run and there is a ddns updater process running normally.
  • If that process is killed to simulate a crash, it does not re-spawn.

Thanks for the comments about what could be wrong. Come to think about it I don't know if this has something to do with my router setup. I have DDNS running on an MR8300 running behind a main router from ISP. MR8300 is wirelessly connected to the main router through 5Ghz radio0 (hence event network is wlan0) in the client mode. I use URL (http://checkip.amazonaws.com) to get public IP address. (Had tried http://checkip.dyndns.com:8245 too but no difference.) Once I hit the service "Reload" button, everything is running as it should be (detect possible public IP every hour for potential update).