Dynamic DHCP but need to skip few mac addresses

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I have this scenario where all my clients get IP address via DHCP, however, I want to ignore / skip few mac addresses when it comes to leasing them an IP.

Static leases won't be an answer as I have 200 + clients and this is a requirement for 10 - 20 hosts.

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What is your goal? You want the DHCP server to ignore the request of certain clients? Then why connect them to your network at all?

The hosts have 2 NICs, I want the DHCP to ignore for the second NIC while staying on the same segment.

Well, then the same question. Why connect that 2nd NIC? When it doesn't get an IP address, and is not somehow bonded (in which case it should ask only a single IP), it has no function in your network.

I know I had this on vanilla dnsmasq running. But I don't know if luci/dnsmasq is supporting it:


Maybe you have to circumvent openwrt's dnsmasq implementation.



-G, --dhcp-host=[][,id:<client_id>|*][,set:][tag:][,][,][,<lease_time>][,ignore]


Well a problem would be IPv6. Because on OpenWrt it's managed by odhcp6 and in addition to that the manpage of dnsmasq is inicating:

"Note that in IPv6 DHCP, the hardware address may not be available, though it normally is for direct-connected clients, or clients using DHCP relays which support RFC 6939"

So for todays infrastructure with IPv6 this is probably not an option anymore.

Only client-side solutions left (probably). :confused:

Well, I understand where you are coming from but it is not a design thing at the moment and not relevant.

Question was simple actually that if there is a feature / method that could allow dhcp to skip for certain hosts. I was going through different ignore options within openwrt but couldn't find any. @pwned, I don't think it may work here, I will check and see though.