Dwr 960 different version?

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I see the current DWR-960 from DLINK is a cat 7 LTE modem and also has fewer ports. That differs from the Open WRT page for that router that says is cat6 and has 4 ethernet ports.

Here is the router (In Europe at least) we can find actually as DWR-960:

Seems same CPU according to this:

Can someone let me know if the actual DWR-960 is compatible with Open-wrt ?

Thanks to all

actual as in current ?
you can't assume it, only way to test is to have serial console access, and try to boot an initramfs, or the real thing, if you're adventurous enough, since there's a risk of bricking it, hard and soft.

There seems to be some confusion about A1 and B1 versions of this device.

From https://www.dlink-forum.it/index.php?topic=4343.msg48914#msg48914

For the Polish market alone, the DWR-960 hardware revision A1 already existed, a project dedicated to Plus / Cyfrowy Polsat operators: the technical data sheet of all the documentation has the date of 2015 while the latest firmware is from 2019 and the Polish site still gives on sale in authorized stores. Long-lived model! And it was also taken into consideration by the OpenWrt open source alternative firmware types.
Unfortunately, however, the search engines bring out the results of the Polish model together with the most recent Italian hardware revision B1 project dedicated to the Postemobile operator. The two revisions are temporally 5 years apart so it is out of the question that they mount the same SoCs so in all respects they are to be considered two totally different models.
Those at TechInfoDepot who filled out the template page with the A1 revision data and the B1 image ran into this confusion.

The version in the OpenWrt wiki should be A1.

The whole thread in the D-Link forum seems to be in italian. You might want to check if this thread contains more usefull information (SoC, RAM, flash, ...).

@tmomas perhaps the wiki should be updated, by adding at least an A1 to the model name ?

I would feel more comfortable if we had hardware info of the B1 version before doing so, just to make sure we are doing the right thing.

I have one

If you have the B1 version, can you please verify what SoC, RAM, flash it has?

Yes, I should do trough his software right?

Or by looking at the chips.

On the sys log I see only mdm9640-2k-perf, better if I open it?

On the mentioned forum they say is an Qualcomm MDM9240

(photo from that forum) https://postlmg.cc/D4FjtF3j

Hi, I have the same D-Link router from PosteMobile (Italian ISP), so I took some photos you can find here https://postimg.cc/gallery/3k8gdd2

I Googled some chips numbers and discoverd:

It seems similar to this DWR-961

Searching the whole big motherboard number I found this AceTels R820

I can make more photos if needed

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