Duplicate current partition to alt partition

I have the wrt1900ac (i bug you guys enough, im sure you know that already)! These devices have the dual partitions and when I update i always do it twice to flash both partitions.
Is there a way to flash from one partition to the other? effectively backing up all my current configs and loaded software to the other partition?

Flashing both partitions using sysupgrade is the safest approach.

Keeping the “old” one there has, to me, a significant advantage of always having a “known good” fallback.

As always, keeping a backup off the device is highly recommended. Even while doing development work in a dual-partition device, I typically just use sysupgrade.

Other techniques are possible, but error-prone and not significantly faster.

i have used that command to flash the sysupgrade bin file from the download but never from one partition to the other. what does the command look like?

Run it twice, once from each partition to flash the other.

That said, I really prefer keeping the older version intact for “oops” situations.

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Ah, maybe I’m not understanding. If you want to copy the running firmware and settings to the other partition, no, not in any way that I could recommend for general use.

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Unless you have a seriously broken (to the extent of being unbootable/ crashing within minutes/ un-upgradeable) on one partition set, I'd strongly suggest to ignore the dual-boot feature for the most part and just flash new versions (once) normally, leaving the previous version on the respective other partition set. This way you do achieve the safest mode of operation, always leaving a known-working (just outdated) fallback in place, to cover emergency situations (assume that the new version has a hypothetical bug in the sysupgrade support, making it 'impossible' to flash using the new firmware). sysupgrade will copy your running configuration to the to-be-installed new image by sysupgrade (unless you explicitly disable that feature by using -n).

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