Dumb AP Guide needs to be updated and OPKG not working

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You also mentioned dnsmasq. You should use preformatted text for console output and code snippets.

Hi Vince!, nice question!, actually, no, dumbap should not have that, because name resolution its done by the default dns server server on the network that is advertised by the dhcp server on the network, and both roles are performed by dnsmasq. On a dumbap configuration you should disable dnsmasq in order to dont allow the dumbap to interfere with the MainRouter dnsmasq running, so dumbap will only be... a dumb AP that turns into wireless the existing wired network. If it is still seems to be a little bit confusing I recommend to give a try reading about the OSI network level to improve the knowledge on this topic.

Dnsmasq configuration should only be done on the MainRouter in your network, this behaves as your network gateway between your network and internet network (ISP modem)

Sorry guys i’m quite new here ... my issues related to this ticket is now resolved.

I have other issues which I will create new topic for. Since this is considered resolved ... how do I mark this resolved? Or shall I just leave it until it’s auto-closed after 10 days?

Thanks for all your replies and support. Kudos to OpenWRT community :slightly_smiling_face:

If the problem is solved, feel free to mark the topic accordingly .

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