Dumb Access Point with YAMon possible?

Hi, all. I am trying to set up YAMon on my OpenWrt router. I was able to successfully install OpenWrt as a Dumb Access point (from https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/dumbap) and then I was trying to get by-device monitoring on the OpenWrt router.

I was able to install YAMon (version 4 and 3.4.7) and while most things work, I am never able to see information on specific devices. I suspect it is because I'm using a dumb access point (LAN to LAN), but am not sure how to proceed.

Currently I have a FIOS router that is our main router and I'd like to be able to attach OpenWrt and monitor traffic by device from OpenWrt.

Thanks you very much!

This is now solved. I needed to enable dnsmasq. I did a bit more than that (creating my own subnet, connecting to WAN on the OpenWrt router), but it seems that YAMon only works with dnsmasq enabled.

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