Dual WAN with WLAN


i want to use a Dual (Multi) WAN Router as for eg decribed in https://www.libe.net/openwrt-loadbalancing. One of the WAN connection should use the ethernet interface, and the second should use a wlan connection on the wan side. But i also want to use wlan in the inside network for clients.

Which devices are ready for such setup? Can you please help me!

THANKS for your support!


Most current devices that OpenWrt supports can use the mwan3 software.

Older devices with only 4 MB of flash probably don't have enough space available. Some devices with only 8 MB of flash may be challenging as well. These older devices are usually MIPS-based (the computer architecture of the "CPU" or "SoC") and don't have a lot of processing power, especially for lines over 100-150 Mbps.

If you do not already own a router, one with at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM1 is recommended.

If you have more than around a 100 Mbps line and want to use SQM or VPN, a multi-core, ARM-based device is likely a better choice than a single-core MIPS-based device. These units start somewhere around 75€ for new units, less for used or refurbished.

1 At least 256 of RAM if it has multiple, "ath10k" radios, which mainly rules out a couple of Asus devices.


The challenge is maybe the wlan setup, because the wlan interface should work as wan connection and also for internal wlan. The linksys LRT224 is ready for dual wan, but only for dual ethernet and not ethernet and wlan on the wan side. Is eg Linksys WRT3200 ready for ethernet+wlan on wan and also wlan for inside clients?

The Linksys LTR224 doesn't look to be supported at all. https://openwrt.org/toh/start?dataflt[Model*~]=224

For most all-in-one routers supported by OpenWrt, you can choose how you want to use the physical ports on them. Just because the port has printing above it that says "Internet" or is a different color generally doesn't matter.

The challenge is the dual internet connection ... and one of the internet connection should be over WLAN. But WLAN should also be available internally. So, WLAN as an internet connection and for internal usage. As mentioned in https://www.libe.net/openwrt-loadbalancing the device should have more than one WLAN modules to separate wan and lan. But which devices have more than one WLAN modules? THANKS!

All devices that have 5GHz radio, work as well on 2,4GHz.
However you can operate more than one SSID in most devices, so you can have one access point and one station on the same radio.

Please correct me if i am wrong:
Every device that have 2,4 & 5GHz radio and is ready for OpenWrt, is also ready for Mwan3. This device is able to use WLAN for eg. 2,4GHz for WAN connection, and 5 GHz for LAN devices.

Not necessarily. Even one device with a single 2,4GHz radio can operate with multiple SSIDs and modes (access point/station). But in this case you are kinda limited in terms of speed, due to the fact that one radio will be handling two wireless networks.

OK, correction:
Every device that have the functionality to operate with multiple SSID's and is ready for OpenWrt, is also ready for Mwan3. Correct?

Yes correct.

use this one it's a dual 5 GHz radio https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/linksys_ea8300