Dual WAN links problem

Would like to try dual WANs using mwan3 on my old TP-Link 1043ND v1.6 router.

Fresh install Openwrt 18.06.5, setup wireless,

  • add vlan 3 to LAN1 port under network - switch
  • add interface wan2 and assign to wan firewall zone under network - interface
    then plug in the WAN cable to either WAN or LAN1 port and both able to access internet.

Problem starts after assign metric 10 to wan & 20 to wan2, cannot access internet anymore.

Any help on this pls? (not even install mwan3 yet!)


@alexcmshum, welcome to the community!

Ummmm...perhaps install mwan3.

What is the output of uci export network; uci export firewall; ip addr; ip ro ls tab all ; ip -4 ru; ip -6 ru

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