Dual SIM 4G modem

Hi everyone,

My first post here and apologies if this is not the right thread for this post.

I seek for recommendation for a openwrt dual SIM 4G modem with minimum number of ports to keep
the costs low.

What is your suggestion?


See Table of Hardware for devices with LTE modem.
You can further sort and filter this table according your criteria.
I'm afraid, you have to find out yourself if they have single or dual SIM.

Some clarification is needed. Are you looking for

  • OpenWrt supported router with dual SIM slots and some slots for modem(s) -or-
  • LTE (mPCIe, M2) modem with dual SIM support ?

The latter has nothing to do with OpenWrt IMHO.

Yes a dual SIM OpenWRT router.
I want to get the traffic from LAN and route it through SIM WAN interface with failover capabilities between the two LTE modules.

I suppose the word SIM is misused here.
It looks like you need OpenWrt supported router that can work with 2 LTE modems.
That could be achieved by using internal and/or external LTE modems.
Please start from the Table of Hardware as mentioned at the very beginning and search for devices with internal slots (mPCIe, M2) and/or external USB ports.