Dual Client mode possible?

Hi there,

I'm waiting on getting my BT internet package connected. I am able to use BT Openzone in the mean-time. However the only area of my house with Openzone connectivity is the far-end of the property where I have no ethernet connectivity.

If I place my OpenWRT wifi device at the far-end of my property, is it possible to have it connect in client mode to the remote BT Openzone AP, and at the same time have the OpenWRT wifi device connect in client mode to my own internal AP and route between the two networks as in the below diagram. My own internal AP does not support WDS or Openwrt:

[Remote Openzone AP] <----[client mode]----[Openwrt Wifi device]-----[client mode]---->[internal Wifi AP]

OpenWRT version is barrier breaker. Thanks.

You can only configure each radio as a client to a single AP. Perhaps you could use the 2.4GHz band to connect to the "Remote Openzone" and the 5GHz to connect to the "internal wifi". Anyway, you are going to experience of all the difficulties of the client mode (double-NAT, or relayd, or ...), plus you will have to configure the (non-OpenWrt) internal wifi...

This looks like an "interesting" project.

Any reasons why you are using this outdated OpenWrt version?