DSL statistics not reset on disconnect

I'm using a BT HH5a and I've got fibre via TalkTalk, so the WAN is configured to use DHCP. But I noticed that whenever there's a disconnect the errors (ES, SES, LOSS etc.) aren't reset to 0, so when you reconnect you're not seeing the correct error values for the new session. Is there a way to change this? On every other modem that I own they're reset to 0 when a disconnect occurs or I'm reconnected.

Might be worth reading:

I looked at that first link before I created this thread, but unfortunately it's not really a solution. I mean, how would I make OpenWrt automatically do that every time there's a disconnect? Currently it seems like a bug.

I just want to look at the DSL status in LuCI and see accurate information for the current session. I don't plan on tracking the information or using graphs etc.