Hi everyone,

For gaming purposes my goal is to achieve lowest latency and absolute priority over any devices in my network.

On a similar topic i've read @dlakelan sayin :

essentially all games are going to use UDP for their control packets. So an easy way to get approximately what you want is to mark all packets CS0 followed by marking all udp packets from your game machine as CS6.

So here is what i've done with my poor knowledge, i'd like you to tell me if its correct or no :

  1. SQM :
  1. Firewall Trafic Rules

Is this configuration okay ? have i missed something ? Thanks in advance.

this should be good, but it will only act in the upstream direction because iptables runs after cake sees the downstream packets.

Thanks for your reply, is there a way to make this work for both directions ?

If you have a wired only router you can put SQM on your wired LAN interface with its egress rate equal to your download speed, and don't put anything on the download direction for your WAN.

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Okay, and you think it wont work if i set it on br-lan ?

shaping on a bridge is really weird. I don't really know what it does, but it doesn't usually do what people want.

@nfr312 perhaps you can use the veth-lan / veth-br trick:

But if br-lan works for you that is much simpler to implement. With the above you need to install veth package, set up veth pair, and add routing rules. If you don't have VPN it's easier. See the 'ultimate DSCP marking' thread.

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Hi, thanks for all your replies. I'm experimenting i'll give you a feedback

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hello if you want use a wan and br-lan you should be use like this

br-lan is my download and wan is my upload

can you give instructions to do this please ?

I'm trying to do the same thing
did it work for you ?
i read somewhere that you must use veth tunnel to make it work

do you have the instructions to do the veth method ?

No step by step guide. What's your use case? Maybe you can just use my script here instead:

This sets up an ifb interface based on combination of traffic from wan and VPN (skipping overlapping traffic based on WireGuard server IP).

I'm trying to give my console priority over all other devices on network i used firewall rules to did it as above in this thread but i read that will work only on egrees if i want it to work on both directions i must use veth but i need instructions to do it