DSA hardware VLAN tagging

When I configure my DSA switches as per the DSA mini tutorial, I always find my VLAN devices named as "software VLAN". With the old swconfig I could configure the switch ports to automatically tag/untag in hardware.
Is there a similar way of configuring it in DSA?


To map untagged ports to internal VLANs you do need to utilize bridge VLAN filtering. Head to the lan device settings and open the bridge VLAN filtering tab.

Yes, that is the way I configured it, but the VLANs are software and not hardware defined. Is that a matter of which kind of devices are included in the bridge?

This is just a mislabelling by the ui. Currently the code does not consider bridge VLANs to be "hardware" VLANs. Only legacy swconfig VLANs are treated as "hardware" VLANs.

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Is there an impact performance-wise?

No, there should not be an impact.

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