DSA 21.02.1 Netgear R8000

I'm trying to use DSA with a Netgear R8000 on OpenWrt 21.02.1. I'm not getting anywhere, is this possible to use DSA with that router?

In other words, how can I determine if my enbedded device is DSA compatible.

As far as I can tell, the default configuration is not using DSA for the ports assignment.

Much has happened since your last visit. If you use the forum search function with the terms "DSA migration" you will see that DSA is now the default.

bcm53xx has only been migrated to the DSA based b53 switch driver in late October (master), 21.02.x is still using swconfig (and will continue for its remaining release cycle).

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Now I understand why I was getting nowhere!!! :slight_smile:

Is there any ETA on a new release cycle which would include that change?

I appreciate your help.

Is there a summary of the chipsets that have been migrated to DSA?

This is what a quick search found:

This would be helpful from the standpoint of hardware purchases and new users who have to wade through two parallel, but different methods.