DS-Lite Configuration

I am a Ph.D. student, trying to build a DS-lite topology with virtual machines.
There is very little info abt this topic.

The aim is to configure B4 to encapsulate IPv4 in the IPv6 tunnel till it reaches AFTR, which will decapsulate the packet, apply IPv4-IPv4 NAT and forward the packet to the destination as shown in RFC 6333 Figure.1

So, I downloaded the "OpwnWrt" repository and "ds-lite" package.

As mentioned here: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/ipv6_ipv4_transitioning
I added the below configuration to my B4 machine: -


config interface 'wan6'
option ifname 'eth2'
option proto 'dhcpv6'

config interface 'wan'
option proto 'dslite'
option peeraddr '2001:db8:0:2::1' # Your ISP's DS-Lite AFTR

The question is, what's next?
Shall I add IPv6 manually to my B4 interface that faces the AFTR ? or configure dhcp6 client on my B4?
How sholud I confgure the AFTR?
FYI: B4 interface that faces AFTR side is called eth2 in my topology.

Any input is appreciated?
I am using Debian machines.