Dropped packets on a wired interface

I have one device (a Windows laptop with a docking station which provides an Ethernet port) connected to a router via a wired connection and a number of dropped packets is slowly increasing while the device is in operation. I have tried different cables and different router ports before without any success. The device is currently connected via a managed switch and then to a trunk port on the router and I am still seeing the same behaviour on a VLAN interface (lan1.20): a slowly (10+ per hour or so) increasing number of dropped packets. Tried different ports on the switch.
The router is wrt3200acm running 22.03-SNAPSHOT and only a single physical port utilized (VLAN trunk), which is in turn connected to a managed switch. The cable tester on the managed switch shows no issues and I also tried different cables; no dropped packets reported on the switch either.
Is there a way to figure out why the packets get dropped? Is it possible that some network buffers overflow? This is a work laptop and it has always has VPN active, so I would like to eliminate the dropped packets of possible.

RX packets:1979825 errors:0 dropped:46 overruns:0 frame:0

Do the drops continue if you connect directly to the router? And can you see the dropped packets on the manager switch interface as well?

It’s possible they’re further upstream

Yes and No. iI am hoping that someone would suggest a way to tell how to identify the source and type of the dropped packets.

You can try running a wireshark capture and look for unusual activity around the time of packet drops.
That’s where I’d start

What should I be looking for in his case?

Dropped packets can have a lot of causes and there’s not a lot to go on here, getting a capture is the starting point