Dropped dropbear / installed openssh-server


today i've build a fresh image without luci, dropbear and installed openssh-server on my tp-link router.

After flash the router lost all his settings. No problem to here. A backup is out there. But now, i can't login into the router.

With or without password or key.

I don't know what is wrong. Is my device now bricked? How can i login to my router?

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As I recall, openssh-server, by default, prevents root logins and empty-password logins.

Without dropbear, I believe that unless you have already created another user and enabled sudo, TFTP or other recovery may be required.

See, for example

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Solved using serial connection. Added my key to .ssh/authorized_keys and permitted root logins in sshd_config.

Now i can access my router without any problems.

Kind regards

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