Driver for wifi dongle TP-Link TL-WN823N


This is a dongle very much used by RiPi enthusiasts, Open(/Libre)Elec boxes, etc. because it is cheap, small, 300Mbps, 801n, very good sensitivity, but it is not supported here.

However, it is supported in the kernel, see here

And find 0x2357 (usbid is 2357:0109)

Any possibility of making a patch to include this?

I found it on here

how to make it work on lede?

sorry i'am a new linux user.

Yes, that's the one. I know because it's working on my libreelec system that is runniing kodi on a Rpi3, and I use this dongle with it.

The problem is that it must be ported to LEDE, with a makefile and a config, and then inserted in the source tree and compiled, and I doubt that I can handle this.

But it did not raise any interest on the devs, so I'm just droping this.