Driver for Intel Ethernet E800 Series (ice)

Is there a kernel module for the Intel E800 Series Ethernet?

I'm running a Supermicro Mini-ITX motherboard. I've booted up my board with Ubuntu 22.04 and it loads the driver, "ice: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection E800 Series Linux Driver", and I can successfully see all the eth interfaces in /sys/class/net

When I boot up with the default OpenWRT build,
(, no ethernet interfaces are found. Checking dmesg, it is loading drivers e1000, e1000e, and ixgbe. Only "lo" is in /sys/class/net.

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Looks like this driver isn't packaged: Driver request - ics for intel e800 series

I can't find a reference to kmod-ice in neither the package database nor the kernel configuration options in make menuconfig.

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I tried to enable the Ice driver on my build, but failed. Once the board boots up, I can not see any traces related to the Ice driver, it looks like a missing option in the bios or the kernel does not pack the Ice driver (I only build it with the kernel, not like a module)