Drive mounted properly?

How to check? It’s in /mnt/sda1 but seems to have no UUID in LUCI (under Services > Network Sharing.) Not sure if it is mounted properly, what are the commands to find out and how to unmount and remount properly if not? I originally used fstab via the fstab guide. The drive is formatted ext4. I cannot get MacOS to connect to it as a Time Machine drive and am trying to troubleshoot.

Execute "mount" or "df" on the command line to see the mounted devices.


@eduperez Hi, I've found the drive is not mounted, and gone through a process to reformat the drive as per quick start USB guide, however on execution of /etc/init.d/fstab boot I get this:

/etc/init.d/fstab boot

block: No "mount.ubi" utility available

block: mounting /dev/mtdblock6 (ubi) as /mnt/mtdblock6 failed (2) - No such file or directory

block: No "mount.ubi" utility available

block: mounting /dev/mtdblock8 (ubi) as /mnt/mtdblock8 failed (2) - No such file or directory

So it's not booting the device due to no mount.ubi utility being available.

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Those messages are pretty much unrelated to your disk/partition.

ls -l /sys/block/sd*
grep -e /dev/sd /etc/mtab
block info | grep -e /dev/sd

ubi and mtdblockX relate to internal flash, so not applicable to the external drive. What does running mount with no parameters show?

Mounting a drive only maps it into the router's local filesystem. Then you need a file sharing server to present the files to external clients.


Hi guys, the drive mounted successfully. As for file sharing I installed Samba4, after I uninstalled AFP Netatalk (as I assumed this was the source of my problem, but it was not.) I then had Samba4 with Avahi and Mac located the disk, identified it as Time Machine backup, but could not connect to it in order to perform backup with OSStatus error 64. I then uninstalled Avahi and am trying umdns, but so far the Mac has not even found the disk on the network.