Dream router without costs

I would like a fast router with 4 gigabit ports or better 8, I would like to have a fast Wifi connection for my 20-30 devices, what do You offer to buy with best price and best hardware I can get for a cheap prise? I use openvpn but i'm connecting from my laptop and I hane an IPTV streamed from my provider. I've got two wifi connected TV's and a lot of phones and tablets and laptops sharing tha same connection. Some of them are 2,4 GHz and some are 5 GHz. I would like to pay for a router but not feeling dump to pay too much for hardware I could get. Now I have a tp-link WR941N v2/v3 00000000 and I`m loosing connection week after week and I have to restart it to receive it back.

I like two methods these days: espressobin plus separate APs, and x86 plus separate APs. It depends on your price point.

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All using data at once, or just one or two at a time?

What is your current ISP bandwidth? What do you expect it to be in 3-5 years (a reasonable lifetime of networking hardware to figure cost per year)?

A router with more than 4-6 GigE ports (assuming you're bonding, or 2-3 10GigE) doesn't make much sense unless you've got more than one or two VLANs that are heavily utilized (meaning consistently peaking over 500-750 Mbps). Managing multiple wired devices is perhaps much better handled by a managed switch, such as the Zyxel units that others recommend, or the used Cisco SG300-series units I use here. Both options are around US$100 or so.

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Yes they are on wifi on the same time, on wire I`ve got 5 devices, my bandwith is 100 MBps, I can take 900MBps but I dont need that for now 100 MB download / 50MB upload are enough for my purposes. On my router wifi is dissapearing sometimes and only reboot of the router helps.

But are they actually transferring data many of them at the same time? Like for example do you have one device running a Windows Update or downloading an update to a big game or torrenting a large file while at the same time you have a smart TV streaming video and two family members each watching youtube on a tablet, and a third family member trying to play an interactive online video game?

That's the sort of interactivity/download issue where CPU power comes into play to divide bandwidth using SQM and process multiple connections etc.

Given your 100Mbps connection, you would probably do very well with a WRT32x for $100 refurbished on Amazon, or $150 new on Amazon.