Downstream Prefix Delegation with OpenWrt


I recently switched from pfSense to OpenWrt and I'm having issues understanding how Prefix Delegation works for downstream devices.
I get a static /48 prefix assigned from my ISP with a dialup PPPoE connection. On my router there's a dedicated interface for downstream routers. One downstream router is also OpenWrt and I would like to be able to set its WAN interface to DHCPv6 and get e.g. a /60 prefix assigned.

Receiving an IPv6 PD with OpenWrt is no problem but how can I make sure to redistribute a portion of that prefix to another downstream device. With pfSense I could specifically define what size downstream devices should get and within which range of the /48.

Is this in any way also possible with OpenWrt?

Thank you

ip6hint, ip6assign.

I fear you misunderstood. There are no clients within my downstream network who only want single IP addresses but there is another router who wants his own prefix described as in

Yes, ip6assign will set the DHCPv6-PD prefix size.

Well I tried and it actually worked with this options set:

        option ip6hint '2000'
        option ip6assign '52'

Thank you.

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