Doubt about installation process for the Netgear R7800


I was looking at the installation guide for the R7800, but I have a doubt: can I directly install v19.07.4 via TFTP (on my Linux PC) or I first need to install v18.06.0 (where can I find the link for the R7800?) and then upgrade v19.07.4 (e.g. by uploading the new file via LuCI)?


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You can install directly. Just make sure you use factory image, not sysupgrade one.

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Ok thanks, but still via TFTP or directly from the Netgear web interface by uploading the .img file (dont know the Netgear firmware and if there is any)?

Just use and upload it via tftp using installation instructions you linked earlier.

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Based on recent forum discussions, you should be able to flash the 19.07.4 factory.img directly from the Netgear firmware GUI.

But if that does not work for some reason, you can always fallback to the TFTP based flashing, which is also explained on the same wiki page. And you would use the same 19.07.4 factory image for that, too.


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