Dotnetcore3 on openwrt

I see pretty good lang support for openwrt like golang, python, erlang etc.
I don't see dotnetcore ported yet.
Has anyone tried to build it directly? Any challenges? The runtime probably will require lots of memory.
This is my ideal platform for building tools/apps.
If it's too problematic to port it I will use python.
Still curious if anyone has it running.

There is a solution for this.

Follow instructions from this excellent article.
Don't worry about the errors at the end, this thing now runs fine on openwrt 19.

You do need to install the following packages on the openwrt: libstdcpp6, libintl-full8, icu.

To run dotnet apps on openwrt, there are 3 different scenarios:

  1. Cross build the app on your host/dev machine and copy the executable to openwrt to run it.

  2. You can install the dotnet runtime on the openwrt router. In this case you only need to copy the assembly dll to openwrt to run it.
    Note both 1 and 2 requires the router uses arm64 and x64.

  3. You can also install the runtime+sdk if the router uses x64. In this case you can do the development on the openwrt router.

I also added additional comments on the test app:

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