Donations to Paypal via email


when I push the donate button it defaults me to the US paypal where I have to enter a value in US $ ,reenter my credentials and I cannot see the recipient until I log in.. etc., but I live in Germany and want to make my donation in €uros :stuck_out_tongue:

So, couldn't there just be an email address that is linked to your (OpenWRTs) donation account ??

greetings !

Well first of all € is worthless in the big world. It is USD that is the world currency so what is the point of giving € to anyone?
But I don’t get the point since you can buy anything in any currency with Paypal, but someone will have to make the exchange rate and exchange fee anyway and that ”someone” will always be you that buy something.

Dear Sir or Madam, the thing is, I am logged in and authenticated with my PayPal right now, I could enter an email and a value of that worthless currency that I wish to transfer and click on the "go" button. Witch would make the procedure of transferring money much more convenient for me.

AFAIK there's only