Domoticz in openwrt 23.05.0

After installing 23.05.0 on the RT3200, the domoticz package does not work anymore.
It does not start and claims that Python is not available:

Status: PluginSystem: Failed dynamic library load, install the latest libpython3.x library that is available for your platform.

I thought this might be related to the new Python 3.11 version that now ships with 23.05.0
Browsing through the code for domoticz, I found this patch 990-python3.10_fix.patch

+				if (!shared_lib_) FindLibrary("python3.10", true);
 				if (!shared_lib_) FindLibrary("python3.9", true);
 				if (!shared_lib_) FindLibrary("python3.8", true);
 				if (!shared_lib_) FindLibrary("python3.7", true);
@@ -198,6 +192,9 @@ namespace Plugins {

Here is just replaced "python3.10" with "python3.11", and compiled the package.
After installing, domoticz seems to work properly if started manually, but is does not start automatically anymore.
How can I fix this properly?

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AFAIK, newer version includes these fixes. Need to backport.

I tried to contact the package maintainer, but I have not received a reply.
Are there more people familiar with this package?